GS1group's "Threat & Risk Management" Division is devoted to providing detailed and comprehensive assessments to individuals, businesses, and facilities regarding the increasing threats that plague our world today. GS1group will identify and effectively manage situations which have the potential to be harmful to individuals or entities. Our professionals will work with our clients to identify and minimize any potential risk. GS1group also adopts a series of logical phases to ensure business continuity is maintained.

GS1group also provides technical assessments such as; alarm systems (CCTV), lighting, perimeter security, electronic and infrared surveillance equipment, employee education, training and awareness, and personnel security. We work closely with facility managers and security teams to produce comprehensive, pro-active, Crisis Management, Emergency Response, and Consequence Management plans. For a consultation or references, call us.

The following circumstances have been identified as areas commonly known to pose threats to the corporate and private sectors, as well as for the individual:

  • Corporate Security Threats
  • Emergency/ Unusual Event Response
  • Disgruntled Consumers
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Crisis Management
  • Issues Pertaining to Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Threats to High Profile Figures
  • Workplace Violence