GS1group's Investigative Division is comprised of a team of experienced and well trained professionals who are dedicated to assisting individuals, businesses and legal teams.

We also provide legal support for cases going to trial, such as locating witnesses, conducting interviews and providing expert testimony.

If you are in need of a private investigator, please do not hesitate to contact us today - we're here to help.

Our wide variety of investigations include:

  • Criminal and Civil Investigations
  • Surveillance and Undercover
  • Person Locate
  • Fraud Operations
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee Theft
  • Countermeasures and Electronic "De-Bugging" both residential and commercial counter surveillance
  • Background Check Investigations
  • Cheating Spouse and Infidelity
  • Still and Video Photography Documentation
  • Phone Research
  • Interviews and Statements
  • Child Custody and Recovery
  • Asset and Financial Investigations