Gs1group Privacy Policy:

Gs1group recognizes privacy and security as a concern for itself and individuals utilizing its services and or accessing the Internet. This describes the privacy policy and the security measures we take to protect any personal information that clients and visitors may share with GS1group. If there are any changes to our policy, the changes will be posted on the Web Site.  It is Gs1group’s policy not to provide your personal information to third-parties without your consent.  All information will be kept personal and confidential and will only be shared with the client unless otherwise directed.  Gs1group, Inc has high ethical standards for conducting investigations, as well as in obtaining and sharing information.  We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and all confidential information.  We reserve the right to share personal data with our partnerships but information shared will be kept to the minimum required.

Gs1group Website Internet Policy:

You are not required to provide information such as; name, title, company, address, e-mail address, phone numbers, etc. to obtain access to any part of our Web Site. Gs1group’s primary goal in collecting personal information is to facilitate business relationships and to enable us to contact you to fulfill requests. This information may also be used to provide you with a customized experience with our company and on our site, which includes interactive communications, and other services.

Gs1group Media Policy:

Gs1group, Inc. will never contact, answer questions or interact with the media about client information.  We will make every effort to keep your information private.  If you would like to interact with the media, we will however provide protection and assistance as directed by the client and as how we see best for our client.  If you do not want to interact with the media we will take every possible precaution and prevention.