GS1Group, Inc., founded and operated by Ernie Garcia and Michael Severo, is a well-known and highly respected Security Firm. GS1Group specializes in premier security services. Clients range from multi-national corporations to private individuals.

GS1Group provides security consulting, threat assessment, and security protection to some of the most powerful entities in the world. The range of security options includes; uniformed security, executive, estate and corporate protection.

Ernie Garcia - President of GS1Group, Inc.

Ernie Garcia is a retired Police Sergeant. During his 30-year career with the Glendale Police Department, he oversaw several of the Department's most critical assignments. Ernie has extensive experience, conducting complex criminal investigations, having spent 6 years as "Detective Sergeant" in charge of the Department's "Burglary Suppression Unit". His tour involved undercover surveillance, which focused on identifying, tracking and apprehending residential and commercial burglars. His team was responsible for the arrests of hundreds of career criminals and the recovery of millions of dollars in stolen property. Ernie worked assignments in "Auto Theft Detail" and "Gang Unit" and served as a "Patrol Sergeant", responsible for overseeing and coordinating major tactical incidents such as shootings, bank robberies, barricaded suspects and hostage situations. As President and Co-Founder of GS1group, Ernie Garcia has applied his many years of police experience to the successful growth of the firm. He has developed comprehensive security programs for corporations, private entities and individuals.

Michael Severo - Chief Executive Officer of GS1Group, Inc.

Michael Severo is a retired Glendale Police officer. He is a recognized expert and trainer in tactical operations and logistics and served as a member of the SWAT Team "Special Weapons and Tactics". He is a veteran detective, having worked a variety of specialized assignments involving the apprehension of sexual predators, rapist and other violent suspects. Michael has extensive experience as an investigator, having spent many years assigned to a fast paced "Burglary Suppression Unit". He has many years of experience conducting proactive "Street Enforcement Operations" in areas plagued with violent crimes.

Enrique Garcia - Managing Partner, GS1Group, Inc.

Enrique Garcia has been a police officer since 1986. He is a Sergeant with a large Northern California Police Agency and has worked assignments in Patrol, Media Relations, Field Training, Sex Crimes, Robbery and Homicide. In 2005, Enrique received an "Investigative Excellence Award" from the State of California, Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training- Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation, for solving a high profile murder investigation. Enrique became a state certified instructor in 1997 and teaches Interview & Interrogation courses to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and security personnel.